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Leathers & Hair On Hide Information
No two cowhides are alike which is why my products are so unique ... each piece I make is an original!  I look for hides that are unique in color and pattern.  I also look for natural markings ... brands and barbed wire scratches are two of my favourites!  However, I cannot guarantee these kinds of markings will appear on all our products.  If you do NOT like the brands or scratches, I am happy to make your item without them.

To see more examples plus in-stock cowhide please click on the hide!
I look for hides with brands and range markings:
The following hides are example of colors and patterns I've used to make my products.  These are not in-stock items.  
Click on image to enlarge.  
Novelty Leather Hide.  54" x 51" ONLY ONE!  
Use for Small Runners & Accent Pieces.
This is not a soft/supple hide.
If a hide is no longer available, please let me know which ones you like and I will try to find one that is similar.  However, no two hides are alike, which is why my products are so unique!
HIDE #1  Hereford
HIDE #2  Hereford
HIDE #3  Traditional Brindle
HIDE #4  Black
HIDE #5  Black & White
HIDE #6  Rusty Brown Leather. Some still available.
HIDE #7 Butter Color Leather.  Some still available.  
HIDE #8  Light Hereford
HIDE #9  Light Brindle
HIDE #10  Earth Tones - Glazed
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