Working with cowhide and leather provides a variety of looks and edges that cannot be duplicated as no two hides will ever be alike.  This allows me to offer my leather pillows as exclusive pieces!  Custom orders welcome ... I will help you create your one-of-a-kind pillow!    
(Details below)  Fabric pillow designs can be replicated as long as the fabric is available at my suppliers. 

All leather front and back pillows are hand-stitched with external seams using waxed/braided lace.  For traditional (inside seams) the back of the pillow will be a coordinating fabric. Fabric pillows are all sewn with inside seams.  Pillows can be fully enclosed or utilize a flap or overlap to allow the cover to be removed.  A leather pillow flap is either hand cut or left natural. 

Your choice of accessories include conchos, leather strings, beads, fringe etc.  To add these decorative accessories to an in-stock pillow I charge $15.00 labor plus cost of materials.  

For more pillow examples and ideas, see my  SOLD PILLOWS.

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If you do not see a pillow in stock that you like, I offer customization at no additional labor cost.  I am happy to make your pillow cover according to your hide/fabric selection and choice of accessories.  

No additional labor charge to change out existing conchos and accessories on an in-stock item.  

To ADD accessories to an in-stock item I charge $15.00 labor plus the cost of materials.

My pillow covers will fit a standard 18"x18" square and two sizes of lumbar 10"x18" and 12" x 18".  Pillow forms are not included unless pillow is fully enclosed or noted in the description.  Custom sized pillows are available. 

To provide a quote for your custom pillow cover, I will need the following information:
  • Concho style.  Buttons for fabric pillows (if desired).
  • Leather Strings (yes or no). 
  • Beads (yes or no). 
  • A photograph of your selections will be sent to you via email for your approval.

For your convenience, please use the Custom Order Request Form on the Order Information page OR email me directly.
Distressed Leather.  Heavy Boucle fringe.  3 Conchos.
LP-006: $115.00
Distressed Leather with hand cut flap edge.  Two conchos & strings. 
LP-007: $137.00
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10.5"x19" Lumbar Pillow. Suede warm tan color.  Hand cut flap edge & hand laced ends.  LP-021: $55.00 

10.5"x19" Lumbar Pillow. Deerskin Gold color.  Natural ragged edge on flap & hand laced ends.  LP-020: $75.00 

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12" x 20" Lumbar Pillow. Soft rust color leather with textured grain. Hand-stitched waxed lace ends. Includes pillow insert.  LP-025: $85.00 
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LP-025:  Close up of hand-stitched ends. 
18" X 18" Fabric pillow.  Antique design with horses.  Opening in back. Includes pillow insert.  FP-001: $45.00
18" X 18" Fabric pillow.  Soft brushed fabric.  Distressed leather-look.   Opening in back. Includes pillow insert.  FP-002: $45.00
18" X 18" Fabric pillow.  Antique cowboy design.  Opening in back. Includes pillow insert.  FP-003: $45.00
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