My runners, toppers & placemats are each uniquely designed and sized. Each is hand-cut from a full cowhide either across the width or down the length. When cutting across the width the hair lays in opposite directions from the spine creating a unique detail from the center of the hide. When I purchase a hide I look for something unique and rustic which can include range marks and brands.  If a piece has these markings it will be noted in the item description. If you do not like these kinds of markings I will look for a hide that is free of them.  

A finished item will not have any backing fabric. The natural underside of the hide is soft so is safe for your furniture. Adding a fabric backing or lining would require additional stitching which would take away from the natural look of my pieces.  

For custom designs, please read the Custom Specifications for details on information required.  

Some of my product is also available at  The Red Buffalo  in Sedan, Kansas. 

Although I cannot duplicate a runner exactly, I can create something similar. See my SOLD items for ideas.  

Most of my designs are custom made per each individual's specifications for color, size, and accessories but I also like to offer a few in-stock items. 
In Stock runners can be customized by selecting or changing out accessories. A custom cut can also be added to runners with 'natural' ends. ​
Labor and materials for any modifications to an in-stock item to be priced when selections have been made. 
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79" x 16" Light Brindle with black suede accent ends.  Great colors will go with any wood tones & decor. 16" is deeper than average runners so will look good on dining tables as well as large coffee tables. TR-027:  $210.00
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Accented with horse heads concho or select another concho.  
57" x 12" smooth soft leather. Hand stitching design on each end.  Tanner's stamp on top side.  Shown with bronze color spur rowel.  TR-039: $165.00
Hand stitching on both ends. 
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Standard size at 12" x 16".  Fits a standard size dinner plate, two forks, knife & spoon.  Custom sizes available.  Available in cowhide & smooth leather only.  Includes corner accents.  Set of 4:  $150.00 + (depending on leather selected).
Examples showing leather corner accents & conchos.

Leather corner accents can be excluded.  Conchos are an additional charge.  
This runner would look great as a bed runner. Confirm width will work on your bed before purchasing. 
46.5" x 19" cowhide runner in brown, black & white.  Hand cut brown leather accents with hand lacing. Great size for coffee table. Add conchos at additional charge for a more Western look.  Can be cut down to narrower size at no additional charge.  TR-046: $185.00
Detail of brown leather accents.
See bottom of accessories page for options to add conchos or accessories.  
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Examples of Cowhide Bed Runners
Custom sized for your bed.  Your choice of overhang length & decorative accessories
Any table runner can be used as a bed runner.  If you want the ends to hang over the edges of the bed allow at least 8" on each end wider than the mattress.  Custom made bed runners will give you the exact size you prefer. Add conchos, fringe, or other decorative finishes or leave plain and let the hide color & pattern speak for itself!
64" x 12" Medium Brindle cowhide.  Natural ends.  Beautiful brindle colors & markings.  Leave as is or add embellishments.  TR-050:  175.00
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54" x 17.75" Winter Hereford cowhide.  Longer hair make this a very unique piece.  Deep rich color.  Ends are cut straight with hand-cut leather accent piece on each end.  The top edge is accented with hand buck-stitching.  Includes (2) conchos on each end.  TR-053:  $280.00                                      

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51" x 12" Novelty leather.  Very unique pattern with glaze finish.  Brown leather hand-cut ends with buck-stitching.  Finished with a bronze color metal concho.  TR-056:  $185.00   ITEM IS SOLD
More of this unique leather available but limited to a maximum length of 54" and 14" wide.
End Detail:  Hand-stitching & Bronze concho.
40.5" x 11.5" Black hide with a couple of small white spots.  Accented by hand-cut suede fringe plus turquoise & silver conchos.  TR-058:  $115.00
This smaller size runner looks great on a small side table or flat on a larger surface.
End Detail:  Fringe & Conchos
Great Smaller Size Runner

47.5" x 9" Hereford hide with hand-cut tan suede fringe and star conchos.  TR-059:  $105.00
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​43.5" x 12.25" Sharp Black & White hide.  Cut with square ends.  Leave as is or finish with conchos or fringe. TR-065:  $120.00
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37" x 22" Brindle Cowhide #23.  Decorative corners are a lighter Brindle color.  Corner accents are hand-cut and buck-stitched. This size is great for coffee table or dining table.  Without conchos.  TR-069:  $205.00
Runner with conchos.  You choose your concho.  Additional cost depending on selection.
Each corner has decorative cowhide accent with buck-stitched edges.
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21.25 X 10.75" Brindle Cowhide #23.  This smaller size is great for narrow surfaces such as a bookcase or ledge.  It's a great way to bring a touch of cowhide into your home or office. TR-071:  $45.00
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Don't forget to ask about custom designing your one-of-a-kind table runner.  

There is no additional charge to create a custom made piece.

Please remember that custom designed products are not returnable for a refund but every effort will be made to rectify something you are not happy with.